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Choosing a Plan

Please answer the questions below to find out which plan best suits your needs and gets you the best price-per-card. We recommend new members begin with the 10-Card Annual Plan. You can always buy a single card plan or a Trial Plan, and may also view a list of all DRF.com past performance options , but by using the tool below we'll show you some options that will suit your needs and save you some money.

1) When you play the races, how many different tracks do you bet on a single day?

1 track
2-3 tracks
4 or more tracks

2) How often do you play the races?

Just on major race days like Kentucky Derby Day
1-5 times per month
6-10 times per month
12-20 times per month
More than 20 times per month

3) What do you want in your online past performances?

I want DRF Easy Form a new and simple way to play the races.
I want DRF Classic PPs which look just like the print edition of the Daily Racing Form.
I want Formulator Deluxe PPs with advanced features, plus the option to access Video Replays.