Saturday, March 18, 2017
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
2 Furlongs

Beale Street Blues:24.20H 4
Downhill Run:24.20H 4
Fire When Ready:24.20H 4
Generosity(2015):23.80H 1
Into Rissa:24.00H 2
Rodeler:24.00H 2
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
220 Yards

Always Trying (QH):12.70HG24
Amapola Red Hot (QH):12.30HG3
Apollitical Heart (QH):12.40HG10
Be Quiet (QH):12.30HG3
California Eagle (QH):12.70HG24
Copacabana (QH):12.40HG10
Dash Michael Dash (QH):13.00HG36
Dashing Runner (QH):12.50H 15
Ditto Head (QH):12.90HG33
Energetic (QH):12.60HG17
Favorite Kay (QH):12.60HG17
Fiesty Dash (QH):12.60HG17
Hes Sonorabound (QH):12.30H 3
Hw Gunner (QH):12.80HG28
Im Hard to Miss (QH):12.70HG24
Ima Chicks Dream (QH):12.40HG10
Jess an Xpression (QH):12.80HG28
Jessies Corona (QH):13.00HG36
Jordans Secret (QH):13.10HG39
Lds Sue Ellen (QH):12.80HG28
Live It Up (QH):12.40HG10
Motown Madness (QH):12.80HG28
Mr American (QH):12.60HG17
No Kiddin (QH):12.30HG3
Nun of the Above (QH):12.80HG28
On Our Way (QH):12.30HG3
One Dashing Chick (QH):12.60HG17
Resolutely (QH):12.30HG3
Royal Jordan (QH):12.60HG17
Silent Cartel (QH):12.90HG33
Stripsteak (QH):12.30HG3
Summers Fury (QH):13.00HG36
Sunlight in the Rain (QH):12.60HG17
Sweet 16 (QH):12.20HG2
Sweet Golden Jess (QH):12.90HG33
Walk It Man (QH):12.40HG10
West Coast Favorite (QH):12.50HG15
Wild Wonder (QH):12.10HG1
Winslow (QH):12.70HG24
Xanterra (QH):13.10HG39
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
3 Furlongs

Back Street Cat:37.20H 1
Nintynine North:38.20H 2
Volley:38.60H 3
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
350 Yards

A Power Ball (QH):18.50HG2
Better Google Me (QH):18.30HG1
The Louisiana Dream (QH):18.60HG3
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
4 Furlongs

Army Council (IRE):49.60H 16
Beat the Bushes:46.60HG2
Born to Be Winner:47.80H 7
Friendly Request:48.80H 9
Goldie's Hills:51.20H 24
Heavenly Mischief:50.60H 21
Hot in the City:46.00H 1
I Buy Gold:49.40H 15
L. A. Tower:47.60H 6
Lost in Lexington:48.80H 9
Lucky Feelin:49.60H 16
Lucky Sienna:50.20H 20
Magicalchic:48.80H 9
Magpie Jimmie:48.60H 8
Marthamydear:50.60H 21
Microrithms:50.60H 21
Miss Loujean:49.60H 16
Power Cat:49.60H 16
Reconciling:49.00H 14
She's Movin On:48.80H 9
Tap You're It:47.00H 4
The Cat's Leavin:48.80H 9
The Party Factor:47.40H 5
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
5 Furlongs

Best Two Minutes1:01.60H 12
Blue Anchor1:00.80HG3
Dizzy Dancer1:00.80H 3
Fandarel Dancer1:01.40H 11
Fast Magoo1:01.20H 9
Hawk's Eyes (BRZ)1:00.60H 2
Head of the Line1:00.80HG3
Invasion Looming1:01.00H 7
Miss Aurelius1:01.00HG7
Not too Shiny1:00.80H 3
Open Enrollment1:01.80H 13
Pete's Play Call1:02.20H 14
Ryderroo:59.40H 1
Solitary Dime1:02.80H 16
Stormin Norman1:02.60H 15
Tough Ray1:01.20H 9
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
6 Furlongs

Shady Love1:17.60HG3
Tuff T1:17.00H 2
Wonderoveryonder1:17.60H 3
Zeppo1:16.20H 1