Saturday, March 11, 2017
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
2 Furlongs

Big Bad Gary:26.00H 4
Concert Girl:26.60H 9
Derby Candy:26.60H 9
Derby Champ:26.20H 7
Derby Delight:26.80H 11
Derby Kid:25.80H 2
Derby Ride:26.00H 4
Derby Tango:26.80H 11
Dicky Derby:26.20H 7
Great Ma Neri:24.80H 1
Irish Ballad:26.00H 4
The Sleepy Prince:25.80H 2
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
220 Yards

A Political Lady (QH):12.60HG15
Aiden Cartel (QH):12.80H 28
Ashley Madison (QH):12.80HG28
Bakarah (QH):12.50HG9
Cartel Bad Boy (QH):13.00HG36
Casino Baccarat (QH):12.30HG1
Cielo Tres Seis (QH):12.50HG9
Cowboy From Morgan (QH):12.40HG3
Czech the Time (QH):13.20HG43
Dating Game (QH):13.20HG43
El Leonsito (QH):12.50HG9
Favorite Touch (QH):13.10HG41
Fire and Sass (QH):12.40HG3
First Prize Peach (QH):13.10HG41
Flaming Chula (QH):12.80HG28
Foose Jenner (QH):12.60HG15
Frostys Sis (QH):13.00HG36
Go Daddy (QH):13.20HG43
Indios Zactag (QH):12.80HG28
Katelli (QH):13.00HG36
Kinda Spicey (QH):12.80HG28
Kiss a Kardashian (QH):12.80HG28
Land of Ahhs (QH):13.20HG43
Light of the Moon (QH):12.50HG9
Low Fire (QH):12.60HG15
Lucky Flicker (QH):12.60HG15
Missmerizing (QH):12.70HG22
One Dashing Molly (QH):12.60HG15
Push Comes to Shove (QH):12.70HG22
Royal Primetime (QH):13.00HG36
Shangrilalala (QH):12.40HG3
She Steals (QH):13.00HG36
Shining Favorite (QH):12.70HG22
Slates Famous Eagle (QH):12.60HG15
Stel a Wish (QH):12.40HG3
Stellar Redman (QH):12.50HG9
Summertime Favorite (QH):12.30HG1
Sumokinintheboysroom (QH):12.40HG3
Super Slick Invader (QH):12.60HG15
Sweet N Kool (QH):12.80HG28
Unblemished (QH):12.80HG28
Unleashthedemon (QH):12.70H 22
Valiant Nights (QH):12.40HG3
We Have a Favorite (QH):12.70HG22
Ynot Me (QH):12.50HG9
Youloveme Vista (QH):12.70HG22
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
3 Furlongs

Command the Gold:36.20H 1
Condition:36.20H 1
Goldie's Hills:37.00H 4
How U Bean:37.20H 5
I Buy Gold:37.40H 6
To B. Ava:36.80H 3
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
350 Yards

My Capullo (QH):18.00HG1
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
4 Furlongs

Danny's Memory:50.20H 16
Divine Spark:52.20H 18
Haveiture Way:48.80H 5
King Pacal:48.40H 3
Mister Fancy Bean:49.80H 12
Not too Shiny:49.00H 7
Only in the Movies:47.60H 1
Open Enrollment:49.80H 12
Pat's Inheritance:49.40H 9
Pete's Play Call:49.80H 12
Ronnie the Stick:49.40H 9
Solitary Dime:49.20H 8
Stormin Norman:50.60H 17
Super Touch:48.80H 5
Tap You're It:48.20H 2
Tiz Now Taylor:49.80H 12
Vodka Texted You:48.60H 4
Wrightwood:49.60H 11
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
5 Furlongs

Agent Di Nozzo1:01.60H 6
Autism Is Here:59.40H 1
Blue Anchor1:01.60H 6
Dizzy Dancer1:02.40H 11
Downside Up1:01.20H 4
Hawk's Eyes (BRZ)1:01.80H 8
Head of the Line1:02.40H 11
Kenji's Savior1:02.00H 9
Proud Captive1:04.20H 13
Sharemyway1:05.40H 14
Solar Corona1:02.20H 10
The Party Factor:59.80H 2
There for You1:01.20H 4
Zippingaroundtown1:00.40H 3