Saturday, April 8, 2017
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
One Furlong

Clever Cause:11.80H 1
Mona Chica:12.80H 3
Shanghai Billy:11.80H 1
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
2 Furlongs

Dee Way to Go:25.40HG3
Happy Maggie:25.00HG1
Rossmoor Way:25.00HG1
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
220 Yards

Also Tempting (QH):12.70HG13
California Courage (QH):13.00HG20
Favorite Bye (QH):13.00HG20
Fire and Sass (QH):12.20HG1
Kvn Corona (QH):12.20HG1
La Rusa (QH):12.40HG8
Loaded Hero (QH):12.60HG11
Miss Fooseita (QH):12.70HG13
Muneca Ace (QH):12.60HG11
Mysterious Night (QH):12.70HG13
Noonly (QH):12.30HG5
Ocean Lullaby (QH):12.70HG13
On Our Way (QH):12.20HG1
Political Perfection (QH):12.30HG5
Ray Donovan (QH):12.20HG1
Rosh Bgosh (QH):12.30HG5
Royal Primetime (QH):12.70HG13
Samba Corona Mv (QH):12.90HG19
Solidly (QH):12.50HG10
Turner Up (QH):12.40HG8
Walkin Bye (QH):12.70HG13
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
3 Furlongs

Alondra:36.60H 4
Altaira:38.20H 14
Beale Street Blues:36.80HG7
Evening News:37.00H 8
Furious Fire:37.80H 12
Golden Caramel:37.00H 8
Into Rissa:35.40HG2
League of Shadows:37.20H 10
Lucky by the Lake:37.80H 12
Prize Package:36.60H 4
Ps Bettin On You:38.20H 14
Ricochet Red:37.20H 10
Shady Love:34.20HG1
Skagit River:36.20HG3
Storming Reese:39.60H 16
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
350 Yards

Dashing Roja (QH):18.30HG2
She She She (QH):18.10HG1
Stellur (QH):18.50HG3
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
4 Furlongs

Aidan's Hope:50.80H 6
Hollywood Dancer:49.40H 3
Justonemorething:49.40H 3
Magicalchic:48.00H 2
One Wicked Angel:46.60H 1
Reinahermosa:52.60H 7
Stormin Tina:53.80H 8
Volley:50.00H 5
LOS ALAMITOS --- (Dirt) Track Fast
5 Furlongs

Dizzy Dancer1:00.20H 2
Goldie's Hills1:00.60H 4
Hojas1:04.00H 8
Invasion Looming1:01.20H 5
Lady Sif:59.80H 1
Marthamydear1:01.60H 6
Spectacular One1:00.20H 2
Wonderoveryonder1:01.60H 6