Wednesday, July 5, 2017
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
220 Yards

Ali Girl (QH):12.00HG2
Caliente Winner (QH):11.91H 1
Its Crunch Tyme (QH):12.12H 3
Jess Fly (QH):13.43HG16
Jo Perry Flash (QH):12.45HG8
Meleros Cartel (QH):12.15H 4
Micorazon de Oro (QH):12.24HG5
Miss Flamin Rojo (QH):13.40HG14
My Immortal Hero (QH):12.69HG10
My Regards to You (QH):14.00HG17
Olivias Little Bro (QH):13.40HG14
Quicker Than Action (QH):13.38HG13
Shesa Moonflash (QH):12.71HG11
Sound Off Reason (QH):12.36HG7
Ur Daddys Girl (QH):12.32HG6
Vf Alota Crazy Love (QH):12.87HG12
Wyld E Coyote (QH):12.66HG9
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
3 Furlongs

Dream Again:39.40HG2
Gavilan Diablo:39.20HG1
Stormy Lover:39.40HG2
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
4 Furlongs

Basie Boots:48.40H 8
Charlies Soldier:48.80H 9
Danzig Tera:48.00H 4
Forest Mouse:47.20H 1
Freeze Warning:48.20H 5
Gotta Get Paid:47.80H 3
Just Lookin Around:50.20H 13
Lilly Dale Who:48.20HG5
Mighty Dividend:49.00H 10
My Bull:52.00H 14
S W Lucky Charm:49.80H 11
Waltzing Attila:47.40H 2
Wine N Divine:48.20HG5
Zilly:49.80H 11
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
5 Furlongs

A Warrior Defined1:01.00H 3
Hennessy Whisper1:04.20H 8
I'm Really Reddy1:04.00H 7
Indian Jack1:00.20H 1
Justica1:01.20H 4
Le Grande Who1:00.20H 1
Secrets On Ice1:02.80H 6
Unique Storm1:01.60H 5
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
660 Yards

Bogart Seis (QH):34.72H 1
Loud and Proud Ryder (QH):36.90H 2
Run Out a Million (QH):36.90H 2
ALBUQUERQUE --- (Dirt) Track Fast
880 Yards

Cash Stick (QH):48.97H 1