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Introducing DRF�s Free Race of the Day!

Now you can get FREE Formulator past performances for one featured race every day. You�ll also find free video analysis* and related news content for the same race, giving you the complete coverage that only Daily Racing Form can provide.

To access today�s race, simply click the link at the top of this page that reads �Click here for FREE race of the day PPs.� This will open Formulator and provide Enhanced access to the PPs, enabling you to view result charts, the Trainer Pattern Tool, Moss Pace Figures, the Sibling Summary, and more!

Looking for your favorite features? While in Formulator, Moss Pace Figures and Closer Looks may be turned on (or off) through the �Options� tab, and the Race Analysis is found in the �Analysis� tab.

Need a printout? In order to view, save, or print these PPs in PDF format, click the "print" tab while in Formulator. This will convert the PPs into a printable PDF format.

*Video typically will be posted for five races per week


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