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DRF.com has been reorganized and upgraded to better meet your needs as a horseplayer and fan, to help you get all of the information you need in the timeliest possible fashion. And free membership at DRF.com is the only way to take advantage of all of the tools we offer.

News Access

Enjoy access to the most complete news coverage of Thoroughbred horse racing available on the Web with your DRF.com free membership. Our news coverage is neatly categorized to make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Free membership gets you access to all track reports, industry news, breeding columns, sports betting features, even our archive search of past articles.

Member's Home Page

Do you ever get frustrated having to search all over the internet to get all of the information you need? Well, those days are over. Free membership at DRF.com entitles you to a member's homepage, which takes no more than a few quick minutes to set up, and it gathers all of the information that you need, based on your own personal preferences, on one homepage. That's right, simply by logging in to your member's homepage, you'll have an easy-to-use starting point for all DRF.com has to offer. What does this mean?

  • The most recent Entries, Results, and Past Performances for the tracks you are interested in will now just be one click away. As soon as this info is available, it will pop up on your member's homepage
  • The news for the circuits you are following will be neatly organized, based on your preferences
  • Plus, you'll have easy access to our expanded Stablemail program, re-named "Watches," because we'll be watching a lot more than just horses for you now

Live Toteboard

Free membership entitles you to access to DRF.com's brand new electronic toteboard, offering current live odds on all major Thoroughbred tracks around the country. Win, place, and show pools are covered, as well as exotic payoffs. Moreover, DRF.com's easy-to-use toteboard offers quick access to entries, changes, weather updates, DRF Past Performances, plus you can set your preferences so the toteboard will be tracking only the tracks you are interested in.


Free membership means you have FREE access to our comprehensive Watch service. DRF.com is watching the horses for you, letting you know when they work out, when they run, and the results. But there's more than just horses that DRF.com is watching for you. Like what?

Carryover Watch - If you're interested in those supersized carryover pools -- whether it's a pick 4, pick 6, pick 7, twin trifecta, or another similar such wager that often lead to carryovers -- DRF.com will track it for you. You simply set your preferences on which type of wager you're interested in tracking, how big the carryover pool, which track/circuit, and DRF.com will let you know any time there's a carryover out there that you may want to consider going after. And if you end up making that big pick 6 score off of one of the DRF.com carryover watch messages, DRF.com won't insist on a piece of the action for helping you out -- really!

Horse Watch - Track a horse. Any time any horse has a recorded workout, is entered in a race, or runs in a race (race result), DRF.com will track it for you.

Race Watch - Specialize in a certain type of race? Whether it's turf stakes racing or 2-year-old maiden claimers or anything in between, DRF.com will track it for you. Simply fill out a quick preference form to tell DRF.com what you want tracked-options include class, distance, surface, age, sex, and bet type -- and choose what racing circuits you want to watch, and DRF.com will immediately set it up for you.

Trainer Watch - If you've ever been impressed with a certain trainer's ability to land his or her horse in the winner's circle, this could be the free service for you. If you enter a trainer's name into DRF.com's Trainer Watch, DRF.com will track that trainer for you, letting you know anytime he or she has a horse entered in a race, and the result, too.

Comprehensive personalization

Let's face it, if you follow California racing year round, there's a good chance you might not be interested in racing news from Suffolk Downs, or PPs from Oaklawn. DRF.com allows you to set your personal preferences -- if you just want to follow California racing news, set your news preferences that way! If you only want to stay focused on live odds from racetracks in the Mid-Atlantic region, just set up your preferences that way! DRF.com saves you time so that you can focus on the racing information you want to focus on.

Paid subscription programs and benefits

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