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Interested in joining DRF.com, but you want to know which membership level is right for you? Here are the different levels for you to consider.

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Free Membership at DRF.com entitles you to access to much of our news coverage, your own member's homepage, live odds from tracks around the country at the DRF.com toteboard, our Watches system for tracking horses, trainers, and carryovers, plus much more. To learn more about Free Membership, click here.

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DRF Plus Membership completes the picture that free membership has started. Besides the benefits of free membership, you'll be able to access unlimited news coverage--every columnist from the pages of Daily Racing Form plus a wealth of bonus coverage from our Simulcast Weekly publication, plus numerous additional features exclusive to DRF Plus members, such as video analysis of every Grade 1 Stakes race of the year, in-depth Saratoga and Keeneland 2-yr-old race analysis, and much more. To learn more about DRF Plus membership, click here.


- Past Performance Subscription Membership, Daily Plans

Interested in buying the online version of DRF Past Performances? DRF.com's Daily Plans are a great place to get started. You'll get the same great past performances, expert selections and high-quality editorial found in the print edition of Daily Racing Form --from the comfort of your home or office -- a day earlier than print editions hit the newsstands. And just like DRF's print editions, DRF Online conveniently brings you Beyer Speed Figures, in-depth analysis, graded entries, and current racing news -- instantly.

- Past Performance Subscription Membership, Monthly or Longer Plans

All the same benefits of our Daily Plans, with two additional edges:

1) Flexible pricing models let you select the number of racecards you need on the days you choose to play, and the more you play, the bigger the discounts.*

2) Unlimited access to DRF Plus coverage throughout the site, for the length of your subscription.*

*Note - the above information on long-term subscriptions does not apply to "Special" plans, such as the "Saratoga Special" or the "Del Mar Deal."