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UPDATE: To use Formulator at its optimal speed, download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 10 for free by clicking here

Formulator PPs - Featuring:

• Video Replays & Result Charts
• Live Video (limited tracks)
• TickerMaker Program
• Moss Pace Figures
• Live Odds
• Trainer Patterns
• Lifetime PPs in Charts & in the Trainer Patterns Tool
• Workout Tabs and customizable number of workouts
• Synthetic Stats
• Full Manipulation of PPs
• Extended Chart Archive


We are excited to bring you the future in online past performances. With Formulator, you can personalize the way your past performances look like never before. And, as we continue to make improvements, you’ll never be asked to re-install any programs since Formulator now lives on the web.  

Currently Available:
Past Performances
Trainer Patterns Tool
TicketMaker Program
Notes Functionality
Moss Pace Figures
Video Replays
Full PP Filtering
Scratch horse / Hide horse function
Lifetime PPs in Charts & in TPs
Sub-Sorting of Trainer Pattern Results
Quick Sheets
Sibling Summary
Most Printing Functionality
Beyer Graphs
Graded Handicap
Customizable number of workouts
Individual Jockey and Trainer Stats
Jockey/Trainer Stats
Closer Looks
Printing in 100ths vs. 5ths
Seven Different Chart Views
Live Odds
Chart Functionality
Coming Soon:
CardCreator Program
Auto Scratch
File Export Center
Landscape Printing
Keyboard Shortcuts


What does Formulator mean for you?

No more software downloads.

No more clashes with Microsoft Vista or Macs.

No more missing pieces.

Formulator is now on the web as a Rich Internet Application and works like any other webpage you visit. Moving Formulator to the web has eliminated the problems listed above, and this has given us the ability to make seamless additions and updates at any time.

(You may be asked to download a newer version of your Adobe Flash Player the first time you try to access Formulator Web, but this should be a relatively simple download. You will be given the necessary “update link” when you launch Formulator Web)

This current version of Formulator Web allows you to do anything you could do with the software version of Formulator. You can view and print online PPs in a web-based format, access charts, selections, analysis, jockey stats, Beyer graphs, and more.

You can also print Formualtor Web PPs, however at this time, it may take a couple minutes for your entire racecard to print. We are working to resolve these printing issues.

For those customers who use Formulator 4.1 PPs, you’ll notice that the Trainer Patterns Tool is now functional in Formulator Web. Video replays, the Trainer Patterns Tool, chart access, Moss Pace Figrue access, and the Sibling Summary Report are only available if you've purchased a "Deluxe" racecard.

A tool called "TicketMaker" was introduced into Formulator in 2009. Simply set your budget, select and categorize your horses for each leg of a multi-race wager, and TicketMaker will output your tickets. Using algorithms developed by Steven Crist, TicketMaker is the key to smarter multi-race wagering.

We’re excited to launch this upgrade to a program like Formulator, which has changed the way many of you play the game. We’re confident you’ll share our enthusiasm and we ask you to please send any feedback to FormulatorHelp@drf.com.

Common Questions:

Q: Which version of Adobe Flash Player should I use?
A: For Formulator to perform at its optimal speed, use Adobe Flash Player 10, which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Q: Is there a sample file?
A: Yes. DRF's free races of the week are available in Formulator with most Deluxe functionality. Click here to visit our Race of the Day page.

Q: Can I print Formulator Web PPs?
A: Yes. In order to print PPs, Formulator Web turns them into a PDF file. This process may take a few minutes, depending on your connection speed.

Q: Is there a Formulator Web Userís Guide?
A: Yes. Click here to access the Formulator Web Userís Guide.

Q: Can I transfer my notes from my current software version of Formulator to Formulator Web?
A: Yes. Click here for detailed information on importing notes from the software version of Formulator to Formulator Web.

Q: Why am I having trouble printing while using Safari?
A: Safariís pop-up blocker tends to prevent the Formulator Web print window from opening up. To avoid this issue, turn off your Safari Pop-Up Blocker through the "Edit" menu. To see a screen shot, click here.

Q: I'm still having trouble printing from a Mac. Now what?
A: Make sure that you're using Adobe Acrobat Reader to open up the PDF PPs, not "Preview." You must have Acrobat Reader set as your default PDF viewer.

Q: Can I continue to use the software version of Formulator?
A: YES – but eventually you won’t want to use the software version anymore. We’ve stopped making enhancements to the software version, and Formulator Web already has all the tools currently available in the software version. But for now, yes, you can still use the software version.

Q: Formulator Web is not working on my computer. Now what?
A: Formulator Web works on any browser that has Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in (version 9.0.115 or above) installed (you must also have JavaScript enabled). Click here for a list of links to download Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in based on your operating system.
If you have downloaded Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in, but are still not able to access Formulator Web, please email FormulatorHelp@drf.com with a detailed explanation of your problem.

Q: Can I save racecards using Formulator Web?
A: Yes, you can save racecards as PDF documents using Formulator Web. By clicking “Print,” you can convert your racecard into a PDF document. As a PDF document, you can now print it or save it to your computer. Please note that the process of turning a single race (or an entire racecard) into a PDF may take a couple minutes. We are working to eliminate this delay.

Q: Can I add notes to old racecards?
A: For any racecard youíve purchased/downloaded, you can go back and add notes to that dayís charts. You can go back to January 1 of the previous year to add notes to previously purchased racecards.

Q: Can I filter the Past Performances?
A: Yes - this is one of the best parts of online PPs. If you want to merge workouts into your PPs, you’re only a click away. If you want to see times in hundredths instead of fifths, you’re only a click away. You can see individual horse times instead of the leaders’ times, turn morning line odds on or off, filter out certain race types, and much more. See the PPs the way YOU want to see them.

Q: How can I change the look and feel of the PPs?
A: If you’re trying to change the size of the PPs, you can use the slider bar next to the word “Zoom” in the navigation bar. You can also check the “fit to screen” box.
If you’d like to change the font sharpness or font thickness, click “Profile Settings” in the navigation bar and adjust the two sliders in that menu.

Q: Why am I being asked to update my Adobe Flash Player?
A: Formulator is now on the web as a “Rich Internet Application.” This means you will need a relatively new version of the Adobe Flash Player for the program to work properly. The first time you try to launch Formulator Web, you may be asked to update your Adobe Flash Player. This is a free, one-time update.

Q: I am a databaser. How will I export data from Formulator Web?
A: For the immediate future, you will continue to use your software version of Formulator for all of your exporting needs. Eventually we will have an Exporting and Downloading Center available through Formulator Web. More information will be provided once we get closer to the launch of this Exporting and Downloading Center, but for now, please continue to export through your software version of Formulator.

Additional questions? Email us at FormulatorHelp@drf.com