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DRF PlusIf you're interested in the most extensive horse racing news coverage available, a DRF Plus subscription will give you all the information you can handle. Available in one-month, three-month and one-year plans. Longterm PP subscriptions come enhanced with DRF Plus access. Visit the DRF Plus page for more information.

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DRF.com offers several other products and services that can help you get that edge you're after.

:: Today's Racing Digest: Today�s Racing Digest is a unique handicapping publication that provides information and analysis that projects how a horse will run in today�s race. (View Tutorial | Buy now)

:: DRF Simulcast Daily: Simulcast Weekly is now available online as Simulcast Daily! Get unlimited access to charts, pars, horses to watch, archives for the past year, and more great content. (Subscribe now)

:: Beyer Speed Figures on Demand and Lifetime: Latest Beyer as soon as it becomes available, and lifetime Beyer reports. (View sample | Buy now)

:: Moss Pace Figure Report: Exclusive to DRF! Perfect if you like buying the traditional print version of Daily Racing Form, but would also like view Moss Pace Figures. The cost for one Stand-Alone Moss Pace Figure Report is $2.00. Bulk discount plans are available. (View sample | How to use | Buy now)

:: Individual Horse Past Performances: Get lifetime PPs for any horse to have run in the year 1976 or later. (View sample | Buy now)

:: Charts - Individual Horse Lifetime or Single Day by Track: Official charts for any individual horse by date/track. (View lifetime sample | View track sample | Buy now)

:: Text Charts: Comma-delimited text charts, including every official race at every track in the United States, exactly as the information is published in the print and online charts of the Daily Racing Form. Available in monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. (View sample | Buy now)

:: Key Race Report: Find the horses exiting strong races. One daily report covers all U.S. and Canadian tracks. (View sample | Buy now)

:: Quick Sheets: Get key race info, profitable trainer angles, last three Beyers, selections and more. (View sample | Buy now)

:: Positive ROI Report: Available for every U.S. track on one daily report, the Positive ROI Report highlights every winning trainer angle and winning trainer/jockey combo associated with all horses running on a given day. (View sample | Buy now)

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:: DRF Simulcast Weekly: Created by serious horseplayers for serious horseplayers in today's new world of national simulcasting. Available in six-month, one-year and two-year subscriptions. (Subscribe now)

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