Friday, October 13, 2017

1Estrella Grande scratched
Mame scratched
2Grande Shores scratched
Love You Back scratched
3Iquique (FR) scratched
Sarah's Treasure scratched
Everything's Copa jockey changed to Russell S
4Colonel Andy scratched
Mr. Smarty Pants scratched
5 No Changes
6Appealing Future scratched
Chasintheblues scratched
Gator Boy scratched
He's a Pussy Cat scratched
Im Charming scratched
Mar Vista Miguel scratched
Saint Ignatius scratched
Skippin to Victory scratched
Stay Home scratched
Tightly Bridled scratched
Skippin to Victory jockey changed to Toledo J
7Barney Rebel (IRE) scratched
Intrepid Citizen scratched
Jump Street Hero scratched
North Ocean scratched
Prime Time Man scratched
8Raspberry Swirl scratched
Ephesians Six jockey changed to Centeno D E
9Beatubyachubinose scratched
Elamelia scratched
Five Smooth Stones scratched
Just So Story scratched
Majestic Pic scratched
Nina's Patience scratched
Petticoatsnpistols scratched
Out of Juice jockey changed to Hamilton S D