Thursday, October 12, 2017

1General Max scratched
2Bistro Moncur scratched
Meetmeforasmoke scratched
Shaboom scratched
Three Cat Rules scratched
World Peace scratched
Barefoot Gypsy jockey changed to Santiago V
3 No Changes
4Silver Energy scratched
5Espo scratched
Schiller Sound scratched
Slowhand scratched
Copper Munn jockey changed to Lopez J E
Lovedtalkintoeddi jockey changed to Lopez U A
Pray for Kitten jockey changed to Santiago V
6Brave Benny scratched
Cartiac Road scratched
Three Golden Rules scratched
7Blue Sky Kowboy scratched
Chicago Blues scratched
Dragunov scratched
Fort Dixie scratched
Midnight Blue Note jockey changed to Felix J E
8Tryst Cat scratched
J Jett jockey changed to Cotto P L Jr
9Gritty Greeley scratched
Kit Kat Man scratched
Two Minute Man scratched