Tuesday, October 10, 2017

1City Sidewalks scratched
Wired Child scratched
Outer Limits jockey changed to Rodriguez D
2Completed Pass scratched
Gonzo scratched
3Cat Walk jockey changed to Quinonez A
Zemo jockey changed to Parker D L
4Cash Tiz Wonderful scratched
Cora Anne scratched
Holy Cookie scratched
Lady Temple scratched
Morty scratched
No Closure scratched
Norman's Conquest scratched
Naifah (IRE) jockey changed to Cruz M R
5Dontlaughimpaidfor scratched
Lonely Petunia scratched
6Devil Monkey scratched
Hard Fought scratched
Harlan's Dynamo scratched
Hart Hills Road scratched
Rollin Smoke scratched
7Rockin Cityweekend scratched
Lola Stephens jockey changed to Quinonez A
8Art Vandaley scratched
Giant's Oak Halo scratched
Jericho scratched
Pappy On the Rocks scratched
Redneck Ransom scratched
Stolen Candy scratched
Volt scratched
9A Slew of Memories scratched
This Bells Political scratched
Red Star Kitty Cat jockey changed to Ruiz J M
Trophy Wife B jockey changed to Macias O