Sunday, October 8, 2017

1Will Gracie Shine scratched
2 No Changes
3Bluegrass Gem scratched
4 No Changes
5Billboard scratched
Coco Channel scratched
Ellens Birthday scratched
First Embrace scratched
Market Top scratched
Peaceful Passage scratched
Phantom Opening scratched
Tamit (IRE) scratched
6 No Changes
7Fake News and Data scratched
Flash n' Dance scratched
Mimi's Ruby Bobby scratched
Zoey's My Girl scratched
Saucy Dame jockey changed to Hernandez B J Jr
8Machtree scratched
9A Place to Shine scratched
Katalust scratched
Mo d'Amour scratched
Turkish Tabby scratched
Duchess of Duke jockey changed to Radosevich J
10American Deluxe scratched
Beyond the Nile scratched
Kaliningrad scratched
Shahroze (IRE) scratched
Sport scratched
Campioni jockey changed to Murrill M
Going Rate jockey changed to Leparoux J R