Wednesday, November 8, 2017

1Dwizard scratched
2 No Changes
3 No Changes
4Cumulative scratched
Electro scratched
Kulin Rock scratched
Nezet scratched
Peace Speaker scratched
Playing Hooky scratched
Sentry scratched
Sport scratched
Summer Causeway scratched
D'ambrosio jockey changed to Castellano J J
Desperado jockey changed to Cancel E
Hit the Diamond jockey changed to Franco M
5 No Changes
6Bartletts Mark scratched
Make the Rules scratched
My Pirate scratched
Notable scratched
7Avery Maeve scratched
Be Sure Lisa scratched
Bigkat and Camille scratched
Liberale (FR) scratched
Sister Sophia scratched
8Church Social scratched
Miko scratched
Seafire (IRE) scratched
Speighgal scratched
Wake Island scratched
Warranty scratched
9Gold Lace scratched
Madame Uno scratched
Puparee scratched
Silver Magnolia scratched
Tisbury scratched
Unbridledadventure jockey changed to Maragh R