Saturday, December 2, 2017

1Lorde scratched
Rivers scratched
Send Me a Milagro scratched
Roses for Sixes jockey changed to Cordova O
2Dust Alert scratched
3Leaving You Happy scratched
Schileena Rose scratched
Bold White Boots jockey changed to Ruiz J D
4Pancho Villa scratched
Top Bubbette scratched
Double Jj King jockey changed to Fierro R
5Rock Hauler scratched
Toast to Bono scratched
Brava Regazza jockey changed to Rivas J C
6Kt Cash in Moves scratched
Valentina Lady scratched
Ebz Queen jockey changed to Rivas J C
7Furr the South scratched
8Docs First Fire scratched
Pyc Dot Com scratched
Rocky El Roble scratched
Kiss the Tears Away jockey changed to Rivas J C
9First Summer Love scratched
First Week Miracle scratched
Ima Diamond Corona scratched
Chasin Jessie jockey changed to Ramos A A
Hide Your Krazy jockey changed to Ramirez E
Que Quela jockey changed to Enriquez J L