BreezeFigs™ Report      April 14, 2005

Group 1
Brooke's HaloKEE Race 8OBSFEB 041F68647157  
Green HaloSA Race 5FTFFEB 041F68647447RNA 
Just My GameSA Race 5OBSAPR 042F65576650
Nothing Like ItKEE Race 2OBSFEB 052F63617053  

Group 2
I Knew a GirlAQU Race 1OBSAPR 041F66617348  
I'm AfleetCT Race 1EASMAY 041F62587148  
Mystical TapLRL Race 8EASMAY 042F61586648  
SnowmanAQU Race 4OBSFEB 041F63637655  

Group 3
High AdventureKEE Race 2OBSFEB 052F60617053  
Mighty WillSA Race 5EASMAY 042F57586850  
TillmanAQU Race 4OBSAPR 042F60617339  

Group 4
Honorable CoachSA Race 5OBSAPR 042F57617339  
Kim's HaloCT Race 7EASMAY 042F55586648  
KissthatbabygoodbySA Race 5OBSFEB 042F57616955  
Lord Clean SweepSA Race 2BARMAR 051F62687959  
Max CamKEE Race 2OBSFEB 051F57617154  

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Please note: The BreezeFigs™ Report displays figures for horses making their first 3 career starts.

2-Year-Old Sales Ranked by Sales Class Edge

Class Edge High
OBSFEB, Ocala Breeders' sale at Calder in Miami at the beginning of February
FTFFEB, Fasig-Tipton sale at Calder in Miami at the end of February
BAR, Barretts Select sale at Fairplex Park near Los Angeles in early March
KEEAPR, Keeneland sale in Lexington in early April

Class Edge Good
OBSMAR, Ocala Breeders' sale in Ocala in mid-March
EASMAY, Fasig-Tipton sale in Maryland in mid-May

Class Edge Moderate
OBSAPR, Ocala Breeders' sale in Ocala in mid-April
OBSJUN, Ocala Breeders' sale in Ocala in mid-June

Notes on the notes

SCRATCHED-- Breezed but was scratched from sale
RNA-- Among top breezes, but did not reach its reserve in the ring (RNA)
T-- This breeze was on the turf
W-- Strong headwind day of breeze

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