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Please follow the instructions below for importing notes from the software version of Formulator to Formulator Web.

If you are unable to successfully import your notes, please email formulatorhelp@drf.com for further assistance.


Step 1

Open up the software version of Formulator. Click “File” in the upper left corner, then move your mouse down to “Export” and click “Export Form Notes” :


Step 2

Set your desktop as the export directory:


Step 3

Open Formulator Web. Click "Help" then "Import Notes" in the top right corner :


Step 4

From the screen below, with "Horse Notes" highlighted, click "Select" - you will now be prompted to find the file named "memo.txt" on your desktop. Select this file and click "Upload."

Once these notes are finished uploading (this may take a while), click "Another" and repeat the process for your "Trip/Card Notes" - this file should be on your desktop and will be called "trips.txt" :


Step 5

Close Formulator Web after you have finished importing your notes. When you re-open Formulator Web and login with your username, your notes will be available. Keep in mind that your notes will be available from any computer.

Please email formulatorhelp@drf.com if you are having trouble importing your notes.

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