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DRF Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my DRF Plus content?

A: To access DRF Plus content simply log in to your DRF.com account.

Q: Which DRF.com plans have a DRF Plus Membership included?

A: Beginning January 1, 2013, long-term PP plans will no longer include DRF Plus access. All PP plans purchased prior to that date will continue to have access until the plan expires. If you donít already have a PP plan at that time, the only way to access DRF Plus is to purchase a standalone subscription HERE.

Q: How do I access BreezeFigs?

A: Breezefigs are now only accessible with a DRF Plus membership. Any DRF Plus Membership gets you unlimited access to BreezeFigs reports. BreezeFigs can no longer be purchased as a stand-alone product.