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Previously offered for $5 per report, unlimited access to BreezeFigs™ is now a standard component of a DRF Plus membership. A BreezeFig™ is a simple number that combines time, stride length, miles per hour and a unique set of power factors for every horse which breezes at least once at a 2-year-old in training sale. Available for every track in the U.S. on one daily report, a BreezeFig™ report gives you an edge when playing maiden races. The report rates the workouts by all horses at 2-year-old-in training sales who are subsequently running at tracks across the country every day. Without BreezeFigs™, a handicapper can only see official breezes posted at racetracks in the past performances. By using BreezeFigs™, the handicapper now has the added advantage of knowing how long the horse has really been in training.

To learn more about BreezeFigs™ you can go to www.biodatatrack.com and click on any tab that will take you to the BreezeFigs page. On that page, you will find a comprehensive study of how BreezeFigs horses from the 2-year-old sales of 2007 through 2013 have performed as racehorses, or you can click this link, www.biodatatrack.com/BreezeFigs-Study.pdf, to bring up the study (and save it to your computer)

BreezeFigs™ are available exclusively with DRF Plus

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